Denver Boudoir Photographer

At my Denver boudoir photography studio, I create, classy, sexy, intimate (and even naughty) photos that will remind you just how beautiful you really are. No matter how you define yourself—bride, mom, professional, creative—I will help you bare your beauty and sensuality for yourself (and maybe as a gift for someone else).





Denver Boudoir Photography Sessions for Women and Couples

Let me create an unforgettable boudoir photography experience for you that will absolutely change how you see yourself. I will custom-design your boudoir session to reflect who you are (and who you want to be) … to push your boundaries … and to revel in being a woman. Then, you have the pleasure of owning artwork that will tell your sensual story into the future.  So when you’re 85 and wrinkly you can look back and say, “damn, I was hot!” Do it for yourself. You deserve it.

I offer boudoir sessions on Thursday, Friday and every-other Saturday at my studio in suburban Denver, Colorado. Session fees start at $400, albums at $625. I aim to make your boudoir session a day of fun, pampering and seduction. Come rediscover yourself as a sensual woman. Celebrate your beauty. Play dress up. Explore your sexy side. Bare your beauty.

Why I include personal art in my collections

I recently made the decision to add at least one piece of personal artwork to all of my Boudoir Collections. And then I decided to shoot a somewhat unsteady video in my master bedroom to […]

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Featured Boudoir Client: Mrs W

This is not a model. This is a real client.

Mrs. W’s wonderful husband decided the best way to celebrate a major milestone was to purchase a gift certificate for my Denver boudoir photography studio so she […]

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Featured Client: Ms W

Ms. W is not a model! (I know, she looks like one!) She kindly and generously granted me permission to show her entire gallery of boudoir photos to you. Please note that her gallery is […]

I wanted to let you know how much my husband LOVED LOVED LOVED the boudoir book. He opened the book to the first picture … saw it … freaked out and slammed the book shut. He was in total shock! He was wondering if the whole book was like that. He then got really emotional (which was very sweet) and really savored every page. It think it took him 30 minutes to look through it. He would have never imagined such a gift. So … with that … I want to thank you again for a forever memory.He was truly overwhelmed and thought it was beyond perfect.
Mrs. O

Photo by Jeanine Thurston Photography

My name is Lynn Clark, and I am on a mission to give women of all ages, shapes and sizes an amazing way to embrace their sensuality and bare their beauty.  To tell the story of who they are, right now, without judgment (but with excitement!).

I’m a true believer in the power of getting boudoir photos taken. My clients inevitably tell me that their boudoir sessions gave them new self-confidence, turned up the heat in their relationships, and helped them be more accepting of their bodies.

I love creating intimate portraits of brides, moms, professional women, women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, women who have big boobs and little boobs, curvy hips or boyish figures, wrinkles, cellulite and baby pooches, big butts or no butt, tall girls, short girls, girls who are shy and girls who are bold. In other words: I love boudoir shoots with every kind of woman—just like you.