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Featured Boudoir Client: Mrs W

This is not a model. This is a real client. Mrs. W's wonderful husband decided the best way to celebrate a major milestone was to purchase a gift certificate for my Denver boudoir photography studio so she could do a boudoir session. When he bought it, he told me that she had talked about wanting to have sexy photos taken for a while, and her birthday was the perfect opportunity to do so. (Don't we all want husbands this thoughtful? Why yes we do.)

Mrs. W is a mom and a busy professional. She and her husband own several businesses and live on the rural Eastern Colorado plains. When we did her styling call, we talked about places she could shop online since her small town wasn't a mecca for lingerie shops. My favorites:,,,,, and She fit well into what I call girl-next-door styling, simple, cute-sexy, lighthearted. I also invited her to bring an outfit that pushed her limits a little, and she brought this sexy blue garter slip that is to die for.

You can see all of her outfits in the video at the bottom of the page.

(When Mrs. W saw it, she said, "I think I could watch this over and over. I feel awesome. I want to do it again!")

Ode to the sports jersey


She told me that Mr. W had a specific request: Photos of her in a Broncos jersey to put up on the walls of his man cave. I will admit I had a silent groan at that.

I love the Broncos, and Colorado is such a sports town that I have a lot of women bring something sporty for one of her three outfits included in the Signature Boudoir Session. But here's the thing. Guys jerseys look like a tent, or as my awesome hair and makeup artist Brittany Will calls them, athletic mumus. Sexy? Not.

That's why I always recommend you bring a cute v-neck t-shirt that hugs your curves, or a jersey made for a woman, plus cute panties that make your butt look great. Mrs. W listened and brought this fabulous blinged-out Broncos jersey from Victoria's Secret Pink Collection.

... and an ode to celebrating your body right here and now

But here's my favorite part. During the last year, Mrs. W lost 30 pounds. She loves her body. Which makes me love her. I don't believe that doing a boudoir session will change your life on a dime, but I do believe that celebrating your own unique beauty and the wonderful body you own can flip a switch in your brain. You begin to see yourself in a new light--hopefully one that's less self-critical and more self-loving. Mrs. W wasn't a hater when she arrived, though. I hope her photos remind her just how far she's come, and just how beautiful she is.

Beautiful at any age ... and especially 40

Mrs. W she lit up my studio from the moment she walked in. She's a giggler, a smiler. We hardly got any serious faces in her portraits, and that's all right by me.

Mrs. W was so kind as to allow me to share her photos with you. I thought I'd show you the slideshow I presented at her ordering appointment so you can see how that works. The song is called Revival, by Fisher. (And yes, I'm using it with permission).

What do you think about Mrs. W's session? Leave her some love in the comments!

Hair and makeup by Brittany Will Beauty

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