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Boudoir isn't just for the 20-somethings

Ms. A was completely nervous about doing a boudoir session. She's 41, and her body has changed a little since she was, well, 22. She told me she's at a point in her life where she wants to accept herself as she is. She's in love with a fabulous man, has a successful career, and is so, so pretty.

She came to my Denver boudoir studio to do her wardrobe consult in person and check out my albums and other offerings. She's classy (has fabulous taste in shoes, I might add) and put-together. I knew she'd make great choices for her boudoir session. But, she kept whispering to herself, "I can do this. I can do this." And you know what? She did! When she arrived for her photo shoot, she had plenty of time to relax while getting her hair and makeup done. And, I made sure to start with her most covered-up outfit so she'd get comfortable with me.

Ms. A brought a fun variety of outfits to wear in her boudoir shoot:

  • A loose-knit sweater that hit her mid-hip
  • A cornflower-blue bra and panty set with a pretty necklace and a white man's button-up shirt
  • A sexy purple and black teddy
  • Her favorite sunhat and a funky necklace for topless photos

I joke that my business tagline should be, "Talking women out of their panties since 2010." That's because, even as nervous as she was at the start, Ms. A wound up like most of my clients: Nude, wrapped in sheets on my bed for the final implied nude set.

Ms. A brought her love and best friend to her ordering appointment. His reaction was: "Can I have them all?" They purchased my best album--the 10x14 Fine Art Album with an acrylic photo cover and matching box--a digital collection of her entire gallery on a flash drive and a tasteful 8x10 desk portrait for his office.

I'm so grateful she's allowing me to share some of her photos, including this before and after.

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Koch, Samantha Koch Beauty

Boudoir before and after photo

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