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Boudoir Nudes with Fancy Edits | Denver Boudoir Photography

Earlier in the summer, I did a session with a model to work on my fine art boudoir nudes. I adore it when my boudoir photography clients allow me to capture these kinds of images of them because I believe that, first, women are more comfortable naked than in lingerie and second, nudes celebrate the true beauty of you. The more I mention that I offer these images, the more clients are taking me up on it. In fact, 3 out of 4 of my December Petite Session clients opted to do nudes as part of their included "outfit." You don't have to have a sculpted body to pose nude either. I love photographing all the beautiful curves that make each woman unique. Like any creative type, I get bored when I'm doing the same thing over and over (and over). In 2014, I focused my goals on the business side of running my business. In 2015, I'm focusing on upping my game creatively. That's going to include doing more "styled shoots" (aka creative shoots with models), exploring and perfecting my more "fine art" nude posing, pushing my sexy photos closer to the edge (since many of my clients don't just want *pretty* pictures), and working on more artistic styles of editing.

If you look at my work here, you've probably noticed that it's pretty clean. The whites are white. The colors are true to life. I think this style works really well for albums and desk art. But in my mission to help you, my client, fall in love with your body and your sensuality, I want you to have a canvas or metal print for the wall that you can see every day. My regular editing style is beautiful printed large on these types of materials. I want it to be more artistic and less real-life. So, I'm learning to do creative edits in Photoshop.

I have some favorite boudoir and "beauty" photographers who produce these amazing art portraits, and I've been studying their work for the past several months. And, I've been playing around with adding these artistic edits to some of my nude photographs. I love the idea of you hanging a nude portrait on your wall--anonymous or not. And I'm thinking that if the edit is more stylized--more artistic vs. real life--nudes may be your choice from your gallery. I want them to look like paintings. (And in fact, to that note, I plan to take actual painting classes this year, something I've always wanted to do. My personal goal this year is to have more fun!)

Here's what I mean. The first image is the clean edit. The second image is the artistic edit.

denver boudoir photography

denver boudoir photography

Don't get me wrong: I love the first photo. It's very feminine and beautiful. But imagine the second image printed on a canvas. Imagine it hanging in this woman's dressing room, or next to her bed. I'm also going to practice these techniques on my regular boudoir photos as well. What do you think about this?

xx Lynn

PS, you can always substitute fine art nudes for a regular lingerie outfit in your Signature Boudoir Session. This is an example of my "light" nudes. I also offer dark body-sculpture type nudes (which I'm also playing with this year).