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Boudoir Silhouettes

Pretty much every woman loves boudoir silhouettes. I have a couple of setups at my Denver boudoir photography studio where I can photograph my clients in silhouette poses. I photography boudoir silhouettes a few different ways.

  • The traditional "black figure" style, where the outline of your figure is the focus.
  • And a less-traditional style, where some details are shown in "highlights" on your skin.

I tend to shoot silhouettes in standing poses, simply because that's what works in my boudoir studio and I can capture all of your curves that way. But I've been experimenting with laying down and sitting poses lately, and I'm really liking them.

Silhouettes usually make up a two-page "spread" in my boudoir clients' albums, and some even go up on the wall on canvas or metal prints.

I think they're fun! Let's do some silhouettes in your boudoir session!