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His shirt + pink panties | Girl Next Door boudoir

Many of my boudoir clients love the idea of wearing one of "his" shirts over lingerie for one of their outfits. I love the opportunity to use the layers for a bit of peek-a-boo followed by a strip tease. When Mrs. C and I talked during her styling consultation (I do one with every client to answer the questions "What do I wear?" and "How do I prepare?"), she mentioned that her husband owns a business, and he wears a business-branded work shirt every day. Well, that's an interesting twist! I often survey guys I meet, including my husband, about what they think is sexy. Time and again, they tell me that a woman wearing their clothes is hot because it means she's "theirs." Not in a psycho-possessive way, but in an "I'm not showing this stuff to any other guy" kind of way.

When she arrived at my Denver boudoir studio studio, I was thrilled that she added another sexy twist to this Girl Next Door look: an ultra-feminine acid-pink bra and panty set from Victoria's Secret. I loved the contrast of masculine and feminine in the shapes, the colors and the textures of her outfit. And, we got to take it off (you don't get to see those photos ... sorry!).

Thank you Mrs. C for all the fun we had (see more of her photos here). And especially, thank you for letting me share your sexy photos!

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Licata | Jessica Heather Makeup

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