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Mrs. A's "I can do it" boudoir session

Several months ago, Mrs. A set a goal for herself. She wanted to be healthier. She wanted to feel better about herself. She wanted to feel sexy. Her first steps: throw out the junk food and join a gym. Her next step: she called me to schedule a boudoir session. Mrs. A knew that when she came to my boudoir studio in November that she'd be about halfway to her goal. Even though Christmas was approaching, she wasn't doing the session as a gift to her husband. "I wanted to do it to prove to myself that I could do it," she told me during her session planning consultation. And do it she did.

I photographed her in four outfits: a little black dress, her husband's blue button-down shirt with a red bra and panty set underneath, a sexy pink and black corset set--the corset had a zipper--and a flirty black baby doll with velvet ribbons. At the end of her session, I also photographed her in a sheet set--implied nude under my black satin sheets. I adore those photos ... but you'll have to ask Mrs. A if you'd like to see them.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from her boudoir shoot. Thank you, Mrs. A, for baring your beauty, and for allowing me to show off your gorgeous photos. I can't wait to see you after you reach that goal ... and do another photo shoot.

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Koch, LadyCharm Artistry | Studio Assistant: Sara Ellenburg

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Boudoir in a little black dressA zippered corset is great to wear for a boudoir session