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What to wear: Go girly with pink & black lace

Another installment in the new and continuing saga: What do I wear for my boudoir session? This week, I discover Polyvore. I'm not the girliest of girls, I'll admit. I tend to be a classic dresser with a bit of an edge. Lately, I've been loving vibrant colors--yellows, greens, blues. Rarely pink though, and even rarer hot pink.

As I've tweaked my studio design, taking it in a more neutral direction, I'm betting that super-saturated colors like this fuchsia and black combination would make you pop from the background. (That's what I'm going for).

I made this collage on Polyvore. It is my first collage--isn't it pretty? I put together super-feminine items for girls who like to go girly. I didn't realize, however, that I had selected some $1,700 earrings from Nordstrom and a pair of $945 Louboutins to go with the $15 Charlotte Russe bra and panty set. But you get the picture.

Pink & Black Sassy Boudoir Set

Charlotte Russe panty / Charlotte Russe lace bra / Christian Louboutin heels / Ivanka Trump jewelry / Bardot flower hair accessory, $10 / Essie

This set has 3 elements that makes a boudoir outfit outstanding:

  1. color (other than black)
  2. texture (lace)
  3. details (flower, nail color, earrings, lace, bow on the panties)

I'm not a big fan of thongs on anyone except girls who can squat or deadlift me. I coach clients toward fuller-backed panties for that peek-a-boo effect that guys--OK, my husband--say they like. I'm also a fan of high heels, and the higher the better because of what super-high heels do for your legs. And while you might not usually go around with a flower in your hair, any kind of accessory can make your boudoir session stand out from the norm.

The most important element for your boudoir outfit: Fit. Whether you spend $11 or $110 on a bra, make sure it fits you properly to look great in your photos.