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Playing with fine art nudes

Note: This post is not safe for work. [dropcap color="" boxed="no" boxed_radius="8px" class="" id=""]A[/dropcap]s a boudoir photographer, I'm already a bit obsessed with the female form. I've come to love and appreciate all body types ... and that has helped me become more accepting of my own. I know that when I look at myself in the mirror wearing my daily bra and panties, or even if I'm dressing to tell my husband he's getting lucky, my eyes tend to go straight to those little junctions of fabric and skin. And, my mind goes straight to criticism. I've gotten much better at recognizing the lies and stopping quickly (saying a quick  bit of gratitude in the process).

What I've noticed, though, is when I see myself naked in the mirror, my eyes go to the part of my body I love (my breasts, my shoulders, my lips, my eyes). I feel more comfortable. I've noticed this too in my clients.

In March, my client Ms M asked me to add on a set of fine art nudes of her doing yoga poses. I'd never tried them before, and I felt a bit intimidated by the idea. But she was game to let me play. The first images just didn't work, so I brought her back for a second try. Those images we both loved. Since then, I've been photographing as many clients as possible in the nude. I'm falling in love with the female form even more.

In June, my makeup artist Brittany Will and I had a playdate with a model so I could practice. The lovely Jamie volunteered to get in front of my camera. (Her photos are posted here with her permission.) Here are the results!

j-nudes-22 j-nudes-18 j-nudes-16 j-nudes-15-2 j-nudes-10 j-nudes-08 j-nudes-06-2 j-nudes-05-3 j-nudes-04-2 j-nudes-01