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Vintage-styled bridal boudoir shows redhead's personality

A lot of brides today are giving their husbands-to-be a fantastic gift of sexy-beautiful photos. Ms. R came to my Denver boudoir studio in March--about two months ahead of her wedding--to have me make her boudoir portraits.

When she arrived with no makeup and freshly-washed hair, I immediately fell in love with her amber eyes and red locks. (She was kind enough to allow me to take a before photo too.) Then, she unpacked her wardrobe. Most brides will bring white lingerie, their veil, their wedding shoes. That's all good. I especially love shooting implied nudes with your wedding veil. But Ms. R chose not to bring bridal-styled lingerie at all. She opted for pattern, color, details and sheer and lace fabrics, which all suited her bubbly personality.

Great wardrobe choices take your boudoir photographs up a level. Proper fit is key (get a bra fitting girls!). And mostly, choosing outfits that enhance your beauty and match your personality will make you (and whomever you're making a gift for, if that's the case) love your photographs even more.

I so appreciate Ms. R's permission to share her gorgeous boudoir photographs here.

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Koch, Samantha Koch Beauty | Bra and panty set: Victoria's Secret

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