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What to wear for your boudoir shoot: Sheer dress in the rain

In September, I spent some time with my friend Petra Herrmann, Kansas City boudoir photographer extraordinaire. My first day with her ended with an outdoor boudoir/glamour session in the rain. Our model was Brooke Moffett, a photographer and one of Petra's good friends. We'd hoped for great weather, but the gods did not cooperate. But, we didn't let a little water stop us. We gave Brooke an umbrella and ventured into the weather. Black and white boudoir/glamour photoshoot in the rain

Brooke's sheer ivory dress and black Mary Janes are not traditional boudoir wear, of course. We didn't want to cause a scandal by posing a girl in lingerie in a public alley (although we were tempted). I like my clients to mix it up a bit, and this dress shows that you don't have to be naked to be sexy.

Boudoir photos in an alley

I'm so used to shooting boudoir sessions in my suburban-Denver studio. I've forgotten how fun it can be to let the environment tell the story. In my head, I was aiming to tell the story of Brooke waiting for her lover outside of his apartment, hoping to surprise him.

Outdoor boudoir photos can tell a great story.

These are my two favorite photos from Brooke's shoot. I'm all about innuendo--especially when it's a bit cloaked.

Sexy photos don't just mean lingerie.

If we moved your boudoir session outside the studio, where would you do it?