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Yes, I do my own boudoir shoots. Here's why

lynn-clark-denver-boudoirOn my about page, I tell you that I try to do a boudoir session every year. I do this so I can be in your shoes (literally if you're borrowing my studio shoes). I need to remember what the first 10 minutes of a session are like, how the left corner of my mouth trembles because I don't want a "cheese" smile, how not knowing what to do with my hands makes me want to put my clothes back on and go home. And, I need to remember how to overcome those things so I can help you overcome them.

It makes me a better boudoir photographer

I also do boudoir shoots because I learn something every time that I bring back to my business. It could be a little customer service success (or failure), a new pose, an angle that's even more flattering than I currently use. And since I'm the one doing the posing, I can show you that too. Doing my own boudoir session is an integral part of my continuing education. I only want to get better and better for you.

It makes me remember my own sexiness

And, I do them as a reminder of just how beautiful and sexy I am. Like you, there are parts of my body I don't love. Like you, my eyes go directly to the cellulite on my ass. Like you, I grimace at the "11s" between my eyebrows. And, like you, I occasionally get on the scale and grimace at that stupid number that I know doesn't define me (but sometimes it sure feels like it). While the memory of how good it eventually feels to be in front of the camera fades, the album, desktop display and gigantic 32x48 canvas over my bathtub are the evidence. Yes. 32x48. Big. Gorgeous. (It's the photo of me in the blue teddy below.) And so helpful on those awful days of self-judgment.

I'm not done yet. I'm saving my money to do my next boudoir shoot in January or February 2015 with one of my favorite boudoir photographers. And since I want to look stronger and tighter in my photos, I've set a date to give me a strict goal to work towards. (I'm all for you losing that last 10 pounds before your boudoir shoot, but you need to put your money where your mouth is and get it done!)

Because it's only true if there are photos, here are some of my favorite portraits.

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