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Are you a woman who is ready to reclaim YOU? To rediscover who you are as a woman (not just as a mother, wife, employee, daughter .. all of those other labels)?

Would you be thrilled to own photos of you that ABSOLUTELY CHANGE HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF?

I’m looking for 3 women who are on a journey of self-love

I believe that boudoir photography is the gateway drug to fully loving and accepting yourself inside and out. As a Denver boudoir photographer since 2010, I’ve seen hundreds of women experience their boudoir photos for the first time with disbelief— “That’s really me?”

Sometimes they cry tears of joy. Sometimes they laugh their heads off with happiness. Sometimes they drop f-bombs because they cannot believe that they forgot they are this beautiful … this sexy … this desirable.

I want to give 3 women the gift of seeing their true beauty now

  • Regardless of their weight or fitness

  • Regardless of their age

  • Regardless of whether they are married or in a relationship

  • Regardless of whether they are in a “good place” to do a boudoir session

  • Regardless of whether they believe they can pull off a sexy face

  • Regardless of their physical ability level

  • Regardless of their fears of not being good enough

I’m giving away 3 Luxury Boudoir Experiences valued at $785, $1085, and $1385

Each Luxury Boudoir Experience includes a session planning meeting, professional hair & makeup, photography in 2 outfits, a Little Black Book, same-day ordering, and gorgeous, natural retouching of their selected photos.

Plus … a guaranteed boost of self-confidence!