I just want women to love themselves. That’s why I am a boudoir photographer.
— Me

you deserve to have photos of just you

Every time a woman steps in front of my camera in my Denver boudoir and maternity photography studio, I feel transformed by watching her step into her beauty, her sensuality, her confidence and her power. And when she views her photos for the first time, I get chills. It's amazing to watch a woman really see herself for the first time.

My goal is to show EVERY woman that she is a work of art--that she is sexy and desirable right now, regardless of her age, her body, or what's going on in her life--and to create gorgeous, printed artwork as an everyday reminder of this truth.

Intimate photos to Celebrate your life

I love photographing women who are going through a big change--getting married, becoming single again, full-on pregnant, planning to get pregnant, celebrating a birthday (hers or her partner's), celebrating a 1st anniversary (or 5th, or 13th or any anniversary), experiencing her children getting older, celebrating a weight loss or fitness win, going through a health crisis or chronic situation. I'm so lucky to witness a woman who is rediscovering who she is at this point in her life. 

I've photographed hundreds of women just like you since 2010. I'm an expert in making you laugh even when you're standing naked in the middle of my studio. I know how to help women look fantastic in photos, even when they believe they are not photogenic.

So what do you think? Contact me and we’ll talk about it!