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Angles & Curves: A Boudoir Posing Workshop ... with a twist

thursday, May 31, 2018 | 10a - 1p | Aurora, Colorado


EARLY BIRD PRICING: $20 OFF if you register by May 15. Use EARLYBIRDPOSE at checkout


The best way to build your boudoir client's trust in you and assurance in herself is to be able to direct her into poses with ease and confidence.  And the best way to learn to direct boudoir poses is to do the poses.

In this twist on a boudoir posing workshop, participants will pose each other (and Lynn, the instructor)! 

(Don't worry ... no lingerie required. Just yoga pants & a tank top or t-shirt.)

This is NOT a portfolio-building workshop. It's a SKILL-building workshop. Trust me, you will love not having the pressure of learning and creating an all-around perfect photograph.

Master 7 killer Boudoir Poses that Sell

The Arch | The Walk | Legs Up | Long Lean Booty Pop | Cleopatra | Falling | The Portrait

During this 3-hour workshop, I will walk you through how I direct my clients into 7 killer boudoir poses that sell every single time. You'll learn the words I use ... and then you'll practice them by directing me and your classmates into the poses.

You'll also learn how to create angles & curves with different body types (aka your classmates), how to direct hands, how to keep energy alive and what to do if your client isn't following or understanding you.

What's more, you'll photograph your model in each pose, getting the base shot and at least 3 variations or angles. You'll also get a digital posing guide to take home.

Sell more photos, make more money

You can build a big album from just 7 poses. How? I'll teach you how to get variety in each pose through slight changes and different angles. And when you show your clients variety, they fall in love with more photos. I'm not just talking about eyes open/eyes closed, but different photos that will be so sexy and beautiful that they will not be able to leave them behind.

An Intimate Class

Just 5 seats available in this class so you can have as much of my brain as possible. 

Add a Private Model Minisession & Image Critique

After the workshop, you're eligible to shoot a model side-by-side with me during a minisession. Afterward, I'll do an image critique and give you detailed instructions for improving your photographs. You'll leave with at least a dozen solid photos for your portfolio (cost: $399).


Who can attend the workshop?

The Angles & Curves workshop is open to photographers of all levels ... as long as they know how to use their camera in manual with zero guidance from anyone (including YouTube). You'll have an easier time if you have some experience photographing adults. But you don't need to be a boudoir photographer.

I'm a guy. Can I attend?

Absolutely! In fact I think it's really important for male boudoir photographers to learn how to direct posing without touching the client. Welcome! (And yes, we'll pose you too.)

What gear should i bring?

A DSLR. Batteries. Memory cards. A short lens (50mm) or a short zoom lens (24-70mm). My studio is small, and an 85 is too long for the space. We'll be shooting natural light, so no lights are necessary. Also, please bring a water bottle.

What if I sign up and then can't attend?

Your seat is non-refundable. As long as you let me know at least 5 days before the class date, you have 2 options: 1) Reschedule for the next class offering within 6 months or 2) Sell your seat for face value to another photographer who can use her camera without guidance.

Why learn from Lynn?

I've been a boudoir photographer since 2011, and during that time I've photographed more than 400 women of many different shapes and sizes. My clients tell me that I make posing easy to understand (even if it feels weird), and I regularly sell 90-95% of the images I show clients at their ordering appointments. 

I've been fortunate to learn boudoir posing from the best boudoir photographers in the world, including Petra Herrmann of Bella Boudoir, Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir, Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots, Jennifer Rozenbaum and Craig Lamere. (One on one or in small workshops, not Creative Live.)

I've been published in Shutterbug Magazine, Denim & Grace, Philosophie and on numerous blogs. I co-founded, a boudoir education blog and was chair of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers board in 2013.  I've also been a featured educator for Do More Wear Less.

I'm also teaching The Art & Business of the Nude at the 2018 Association of International Boudoir Photographers retreat with Judy Cormier. And I'm an AIBP mentor, so this isn't my first rodeo.

Plus, I'm a dork and I love to teach. So it should be fun.

Have Questions?

Call me at 720-213-6476 or email me at

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Stuff to Buy

Permission Slip

This is my version of a model release, but it's soooo much better. Why? It's crafted to give your clients complete control when you ask if you may share their photos ... and to feel great about sharing them. This contract has been vetted by a Colorado attorney (if you don't live here you'll want your own attorney to approve). Includes a Google doc that's ready to be customized for your business, plus the protocol I use for presenting my clients with this opportunity.

PRICE // 75


When I show other photographers my Studio Policies, aka my contract, they want it. Why? It's written in plain English, so people actually read it before they sign it. I rarely if ever have issues with clients who "didn't see that in the contract" because they just have to scan to get the gist of things. I offer it for sale, as a Google doc that's ready to be customized for your business. This contract has been vetted by a Colorado attorney, so if you don't live here you'll want your own attorney to approve.

PRICE // 150