How it works

My Luxury Boudoir Sessions are an investment in an experience that (I hope) will help you see yourself in new light and even transform how you feel about your beauty and sensuality. 

I want to take care of every detail during your boudoir session to make sure that you feel supported and comfortable from start to finish. My goal is to create a fun experience that allows you to express your true and authentic self. Here’s what to expect with your Signature Boudoir Session photoshoot.

1. Session planning appointment

We start several weeks ahead with a consult to answer that all-important questions, “What do I wear?” and "How do I prepare?" We'll talk about how you want to feel and how you want to look, if there are any fantasies or themes you want to play with ... This session is about YOU expressing yourself. Then you go shopping! I have resources for where to buy lingerie for all body types, too. Also at this meeting, you'll see all of the photo products I offer so you can start thinking about what you'll purchase at the end.

2. Session Day!

  • I will help you style your outfits, putting individual pieces together with shoes and jewelry.

  • You'll enjoy a complimentary mimosa (if you'd like) while one of my talented, licensed hair and makeup artists pampers you and makes you camera-ready-gorgeous.

  • Then, we'll also do a visualization exercise to get you into the right frame of mind (which is actually getting out of your head and into your body).

  • As I photograph you, I'll guide you through every movement. No modeling experience necessary! You do not have to worry about where to look, what to do with your hands, or how to make a “sexy” face. Trust me, I'm an expert!


3. Same-Day Reveal & Ordering Appointment

You'll come back to my studio about 2 hours after your session for your gallery reveal of my favorite photos of you, to select your portraits and purchase your products. A few photos are included in your session fee, but everyone adds more images, and most people upgrade to one of my valuable Collections.

Note: Your proofs will be edited for all the photography things—light, contrast, color—but they will NOT be retouched. You’ll see stray hairs, cellulite, stretch marks, etc. My professional photo editor will retouch the photos you purchase so they are magazine ready before I send your album to print.

If you order an album, we'll design it on the spot so you can approve it and I can order it quickly.

Plan about an hour and a half for this appointment (including album design), longer if you bring a supportive friend or partner, or if you're a "slow decider."

4. Retouching

After you leave, I'll send your purchased photos to my retoucher. While we don't do Photoshop plastic surgery, we make sure that anything I wouldn't want to see in a photo of me (cellulite, stretch marks, etc.) are softened or removed. Please be sure to tell me about scars or other marks you'd like to have softened. Don’t want much work? I’m happy to oblige.

Before (left) and After (right) samples of editing by my professional retoucher.

5. Product Delivery

About 10-14 days after you place your order, you’ll come back to the studio to pick up your photos! If you live outside of metro-Denver, we’ll talk about direct shipping to you.