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Hi, I'm Lynn: Mom, wife, dancer, writer, belly-button gazer, avid reader, aficionado of zombie apocalypse stories, sushi lover and photographer. I was born in 1969 (you do the math), and I bring all of my life experience to my work. You probably want to know a little about me before I see you naked (or mostly so). 

Boudoir photography is my main artistic and business pursuit. No weddings. No babies. No families. Only the occasional nonprofit event gig because I like parties and good causes.

I've learned that FREEDOM TO CREATE is worth the sacrifice of certainty. And CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER, ONE WOMAN AT A TIME is my Big Why, and I remind myself of it every day.

Also, just so you know, I've been through all of the stuff (marriage, divorce, childbirth, moving, quitting jobs, starting businesses, living in sin, getting cancer, getting fatter, getting older, teenagers ...) so I GET YOU (fears and all). 

Me as a Person

These photos pretty much say it all.

before I was a photographer ...

I had a long career in journalism and healthcare communications. My last gig: communications director at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. I majored in journalism and creative writing.

In 2011, I opened my business part time. My family bought a house that would allow me to have a private, professional studio built.  I jumped from my corporate life in 2012 (on Leap Day!). I became a novice for the first time since I was a teenager. SCARY. 

Now, I've had a successful, professional boudoir studio since 2011. I'm proud of how far I've come. I never thought I could run an actual company with profit + loss statements and marketing and stuff. But here I am!