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Model/Trade Policies & Contact Information

Every business has policies to keep communication clear and put everyone on the same page about how things will work. This agreement is between Lynn Clark Studios, LLC, (“I” and “me”), and the client signing the document (“you”).

Please carefully read this document, then sign it to indicate you've read and agree to follow these policies. 

You are booking a model/trade boudoir session

We are trading your time and talent in front of the camera for my time and talent behind the camera. We are agreeing that the value of each other's time is equal, and there is no payment requirement on either side of the transaction for the session. I will also compensate you with a set number of retouched digital images, printable to 8x12 with print release. You also have access to special pricing on all physical products I offer.

You are booking a boudoir session. That means you will be photographed in lingerie and likely nude, and posed in provocative ways. It is likely that I will touch you to adjust your clothing and hair or to direct a pose. I will probably see you with no clothes on. There will be absolutely no sexual activity allowed during your session. If any sexual activity occurs, your session will be terminated immediately and you forfeit your session fee with no opportunity for rescheduling. 

You are required to sign a full, irrevocable model release

Because this is a model/trade session, you are required to sign a full, irrevocable model release. This release will allow me to use all of the portraits I make during your session in any and all parts of my business, including but not limited to advertising, blog, social media, contests, public relations and publications.

Before you sign this contract, please consider any and all ramifications of having your boudoir photos on the Internet--work, personal, marital, family ... anything. Once I have photographed you, if you wish to remove your images from use you must pay a fee equal to the Signature Session Fee plus $250 per digital image you receive, plus the difference between the retail products you may purchase and the price you paid for these projects, IN CASH, before any photos will be taken out of use. These fees are not a penalty, but as payment toward unanticipated losses I may incur ("liquidated damages").

I am not responsible for removing images from use beyond the places I have posted them--for example, if I post a photo on my blog and a visitor pins it to Pinterest, I am responsible only for removing the image from my blog. I'm not responsible for the actions of third parties.


You must be 18 to do a boudoir session with me. You will provide your birthday at the end of this form for my records.


We agree that we will be considerate grownups regarding rescheduling your appointment. Please be sure to give me as much notice as possible by phone or email (minimum 48 hours) if our agreed-upon date no longer works for you. If you change your mind about modeling for me for any reason, please also give me 48 hours so I may try to find another model. If you no-show, I will bill  you for the published session fee for taking my time and resources without other compensation.


If you are 20 minutes late to your photoshoot appointment, your appointment is considered cancelled and the cancellation policy applies.


In-studio makeup and hair styling services are available to you. In some cases, hair and makeup may be included at no cost to you. In some cases, you will be responsible for the cost of these services, and in that case, you may also choose to do your own using the parameters I give you or have me book a stylist on your behalf. The cost of these services is determined by the individual artist I hire on your behalf. You will pay the artist directly at the time of service. Please bring cash. Tipping your stylist is not required but certainly is appreciated.

styling is ultimately my choice

Because I'm doing a model trade session to create specific images, I am the last word in what you'll wear and how your hair and makeup will be styled. I'm always interested in and look forward to collaborating with you around my stated theme. This should be fun for both of us. In some cases, I will provide wardrobe, and in others I will ask you to bring it. If I provide wardrobe, please bring a skin-toned no-line g-string or thong to wear under the outfits.


I prefer that you do not tan at all for your session. Should any tanning agent cause damage to studio props, linens, furniture or other items you will be liable for the cost of those items up to the full replacement cost. You will likely look oompa-loompa orange, and the retouching fee to bring your skin color back to normal requires an additional per-image editing fee.


I do not allow weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms and knives, on my business premises. If you have a concealed-carry permit, I kindly request that you leave your weapon locked in your vehicle.


Deciding which photos to show you is part of my artistic process. The number of images and specific images presented is at my discretion. 


I hire professional retouchers for all of my editing. We do not take 10+ pounds off of you or 10+ years off of you or completely remove skin folds. Tattoo removal and retouching of tan lines will require a per-image fee. Retouching beyond what I deliver in your final gallery may require a per-image retouching fee. I do not release unedited or raw images.

YOU WILL select your images and purchase products at your ordering appointment

You will see your images, select your favorites and place an order for your boudoir products at an in-person or virtual ordering appointment. The timing of this appointment will depend on my workload of regular clients (who may take precedence). If you choose not to attend an ordering appointment within that timeframe, I will select the number of images I am providing as compensation and email them to you with a print release.

Rescheduling, Cancellation and Late Policy for Ordering Appointments. Please be respectful of my time.

The total cost of your product order is due in full at your ordering appointment unless you enter an installment agreement under separate contract.

Products and prices may change at any time and without notice. I collect Colorado combined sales tax on all product orders.


No refunds or order changes are available once you've placed your order. No refunds are available if you decide to remove images from your album during the approval process. No parts of your order may be cancelled once placed.


All photographs produced during your photography session are protected by US Copyright Law. Any reproduction of my work, including taking screenshots during your ordering appointment or taking photos of finished items without my permission, and any unauthorized alteration of your portraits (cropping, changing colors, adding filters, editing in any software) is a violation of Copyright Law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 


Unless we make other arrangements, you will return to my studio to pick up all of your products at once. 

RUSH DELIVERY is available with a rush fee and administrative fee. Please let me know at your ordering appointment if you need your product sooner than the given timeframe.

DIRECT SHIPPING is available SIGNATURE REQUIRED at no cost if you live outside the Denver-Boulder metro area (for example, Colorado Springs or Fort Collins), or at cost if you live outside the contiguous United States.

LOCAL DELIVERY is available SIGNATURE REQUIRED for Denver-Boulder metro area clients for an additional shipping or delivery charge. Albums and wall art will require separate shipping and handling charges.

YOU MUST NOTIFY ME within 3 hours of receipt if you find any issues with your items.


Any digital images are delivered via secure web transfer. Please download your images within 72 hours. You will receive a print release that allows you to print your images up to 8 inches x 12 inches. You may use the digital images you receive from me in PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA and other personal uses only. You may not submit them for publication or contests or use them for any commercial use outside of a social media profile photo without my permission. Be sure to back them up to the cloud or another secure place.


I do not guarantee to save and store your images beyond the time your order is delivered to you. I may delete them from my system at any time and without notice.


In the unlikely event that your photographs are lost, stolen destroyed for reasons beyond my control before your product order is placed, my liability is limited to the return of all payments you’ve made to me minus any costs I've incurred. My liability shall not exceed payments you've made.


This agreement between Lynn Clark Studios, LLC, and the client, named below is governed by the laws of the State of Colorado. Any disputes will be handled through arbitration.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions stated above. I am legally allowed to enter into binding contracts. I authorize this contract to be valid approval for photography sessions without additional signed contracts or written authorization.

Model Information Form