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Why I specialize in boudoir portraits

My name is Lynn Clark, and I've been a boudoir photographer since 2011. This page is about my whole philosophy about boudoir photos. You can also read my requisite bio here.

I’m changing the world one woman at a time
by helping you reconnect with your beauty, your sensuality and your confidence.

For me, boudoir photography is more than a business or an art form. It's a calling.

Boudoir photography allows me to give women—including me—a platform for stepping into their power by shedding their inaccurate perceptions about themselves as they shed their clothes.

Boudoir photography also allows me to put good out into the world, whether it’s helping you honor your relationship with another by gifting some seriously hot photos, or it’s helping you fall in love with your own butt (because from my angle, it looks amazing).

I love creating intimate portraits of brides, moms, professional women, women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, women who have big boobs and little boobs, curvy hips or boyish figures, wrinkles, cellulite and baby pooches, big butts or no butt, tall women, short women, women who are shy and women who are bold … and especially women who don't believe they can pull this off (because I know they can). 

I'm a true believer in getting boudoir photos taken.

My clients inevitably tell me that their boudoir sessions gave them new self-confidence, turned up the heat in their relationships, and helped them be more accepting of their bodies. I know this personally because I aim to do a boudoir shoot myself each year. (My most recent session: below.)

Being in front of the camera reminds me what it feels like to be vulnerable. I remember that these boudoir poses are hard, that there is no such thing as making a sexy face that’s actually sexy, and that good direction makes or breaks the confidence of the person being photographed. It makes me a better photographer. 

Being in front of the camera also makes me a kinder, gentler, more compassionate person to myself. My boudoir photos show me how distorted my perception of my body can be. Am I a fitness model? Hardly. But am I gorgeous, sensual, erotic, courageous and hot? Hell yes–and I have a 32×48 canvas of myself hanging over my bathtub to prove it on those days when the scale is not my friend and my jeans cut into my belly. 

My desire is to hold up a photographic mirror for you so you can see just how confident, gorgeous and sexy you can be when you allow it ... and even when you're not looking. I work incredibly hard to serve you as best as I possible can, and to show you that YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED just how you are. No losing 10 pounds about it.

How I live (aka my vision statement) 

Aim for excellence. Show up authentically. Explore the gorgeous depths of who you are. 
Daydream. Make real connection. Stretch your brain for the pleasure of it. 
Speak from your heart. Trust your gut. Find beauty everywhere ... especially inside you.
And if nothing else, have fun!