Ms M's Transformation


Her Transformation: Self esteem boost for a bride

I didn't feel all that beautiful before my boudoir session. I've had some health problems that have caused me to gain weight when I'm supposed to be getting toned and fit for my wedding!

I was terrified that I'd just see the squish. That I'd actually feel worse about myself. But then, I saw my pictures.

I was in shock! I feel 100 percent better about myself. I'm beautiful. I'm sexy. And my eyes look amazing! I fell in love! The first thing I did was call my mom and said Oh. My. God!!! I can't believe I can look like this!

My favorite part of my boudoir session with Lynn was all of it! I had fun before, during and after. I really enjoyed watching the slideshow of my photos. I kept thinking, "I can't pick! How am I going to pick?" I felt so taken care of.

I bought an album--he's NOT going to ever put it down. And I bought 3 photos for our bedroom. It's a surprise wedding gift. He's not going to know what hit him.

I’ve already told my friends that they have to do a boudoir session with Lynn whether they are getting married or not. Do it!
— Ms M