Why women choose Lynn Clark Portraits

I work hard to give you an amazing, fun, empowering, luxury experience and photos that blow your mind.
— Me

There are dozens of boudoir photographers in Denver. So why should you choose me? (besides my sparkling personality of course). Here's what the hundreds of women I've photographed have told me about why they picked me to by their boudoir photographer.

They say I know how to make women comfortable in front of the camera.

Why this matters: Pretty much everyone gets nervous with a camera pointed at them. I know I do, especially the several times I've been photographed in my underwear and naked. I've learned how to create a soothing environment before and during your session, how to build your trust, how to treat you like a queen. I'm pretty down-to-earth, a bit of a dork, incredibly non-judgmental and chill. I know when to make you laugh (and the tricks I have up my sleeve). When you come to me worried about your tummy or your cellulite or not being photogenic, you can leave those worries at the door. Don't worry--I've got you!

They like that my photos are classy, sexy and artistic.

Why this matters: Most women want to feel and look beautiful and confident in their photos, not objectified or cheesy. I photograph you from the perspective of someone who loves you, respects you, and thinks you're gorgeous and sexy as you are right now. I want you to look and feel powerful even when you're vulnerable. I aim for to create art first with you as my subject.My deepest desire is that you love yourself even more after your session, and that you see yourself as a work of art. I want you to love your photos so much that you show all of your friends, your sister -- maybe even your mom!

They appreciate that I want your boudoir session to be all about your self-expression.

Why this matters: You deserve to have photos that aren't cookie-cutter, that look and feel like YOU. With my guidance, you pick how you want to feel, how you want to look, what you want to wear, what themes or fantasies you want to play with. We work together with your hair & makeup artist (Signature Boudoir Sessions) to make you fall in love with your styling. You help design your album, and pick out the details like album cover and even whether you want to add a quote or note in the design. 

They like that I offer a full-service, luxury photography experience.

Why this matters: When you're spending money on photos of yourself in your underwear and sometimes naked, you deserve to have every little detail taken care of. I work really hard to give you an experience that you will treasure. I know from personal experience what it feels like to prepare for a boudoir session (my most recently in April 2018). I hold your hand as much as you need through the process. Even with minisessions! And, I add little touches along the way so you feel pampered and loved.

They say my studio is gorgeous, private and relaxing.

Why this matters: A pretty, quiet, private photography studio does a lot to help you have a great session! My space is a sanctuary. I control the energy, the decor and the experience of my shooting space. And without a bunch of other people coming in and out, which helps a ton with making you comfortable in general and definitely more relaxed in front of the camera. Also, I really know how the light works in my studio at different times of day and times of the year. This means your photos will look consistent with those you see in my galleries.

They like that I only photograph one woman each day.

Why this matters:  You get my full attention on your session day (for Signature Boudoir Sessions ... I may do 2 minis on the same day, but they're spaced hours apart). This means I have the physical, mental and creative energy to give you an amazing photoshoot experience. By working at a slower pace--a Signature Boudoir Session's photography time is about 2.5 hours including time for changing)--you have plenty of time to warm up, to get used to posing, and to feel more confident. Minisessions have a little less time for warm up, but I never rush through. There's no rushing you out the door because someone else is waiting.

They're relieved that I'm in charge of posing you, not the other way around (and I'm really good at it).

Why this matters: Boudoir and fine art maternity nudes are vulnerable types of photography. You're in your underwear and sometimes naked, leaving you literally exposed. You probably have never moved your body in these (sometimes really awkward) poses before. Because I know exactly how to direct you and demo poses for you, how to help you tweak every little thing from where you're looking to what your hands are doing and if your feet are pointed, you will find the session to be a LOT easier than you think it will be. You do not have to worry AT ALL about "modeling." I've learned how to pay attention to details so that the little imperfections you perceive in yourself do not show up in your photos.  

They appreciate that my photos are retouched to remove distractions but not to alter your body or age or weight.

Why this matters: I have an experienced female retoucher who pretty much does nothing but boudoir. She understands my aesthetic, how much to reduce wrinkles, where to nip & tuck to perfect your photos without changing your body. She's an excellent remover of cellulite and stretch marks. Since she's fast, you'll see fully retouched photos at your reveal about a week after your shoot. That's pretty darn fast! (No one wants to wait too long.)

They're thrilled that I offer more than just traditional posey-posey boudoir photos.

Why this matters:  Variety matters when you're building a boudoir album. I tend to shoot in a storytelling style, so there's a flow to the photos in your album. And because I offer fine art nudes and in the sheets styles, you don't even have to worry about finding a ton of lingerie outfits for a boudoir session. In the sheets sets allow us to get silly, flirty, sensual and sexy with nothing but a simple sheet--and it works for maternity photos too! Fine art nudes take the sexy out of the equation and focus on your bodylines, shape and sensuality, also perfect for maternity portraits. This style really helps you see yourself as a work of art.

They love that my albums and photo displays are stunning, high-end pieces of art unlike anything you can purchase on your own.

Why this matters: Professional photos and albums are expensive. I want you to have printed works of art that reflect your investment, that will last for a lifetime, with luxurious printing and finishes. My fine art album? A high-end wedding album hand-made in Portugal. My boudoir book? Also made by hand, but in New York. My wall art is unlike the canvas you had printed at Costco by 100. When you see your photos in these gorgeous, archival art pieces, you will definitely see yourself as a work of art.